2023-11-22 Release Notes

Happy Holidays! Not many updates this year, these are mostly dependency updates.

As always, check out quickstart guide for a installation guide.

All code is released under the github/rsadsb account. Release binaries are available at the following links.

adsb_deku v2023.11.22

See CHANGELOG.md for detailed notes on adsb_deku libraries, radar, and 1090.

  • Released 0.6.3 of rsadsb_common
  • Released 0.7.0 of adsb_deku
  • We now use ratatui. Great to see this being properly maintained!
  • Other dependency updates

dump1090 v0.7.0

See CHANGELOG.md for detailed notes on dump1090_rs.

  • Update --host to support IPv6 !67 Thanks @daviessm
  • Add bladeRF 2.0 micro xA4 support !21 Thanks @tjmullicani
  • Other dependency updates