v0.5.0 Release Notes - Feb 12, 2022

rsadsb is happy to announce v0.5.0 of our library and tools. We're proud to have over 100 stars on the main repo, thanks for the support! A huge thanks to all.

See quickstart guide for a installation guide.

See Raspberry Pi in-car ADS-B Display - with Rust! for my blog post on using my libraries and applications for an in-car ADS-B display.

If you want to track Elon Musk with Rust, check this repo out ;)

All code is released under the github/rsadsb account. Release binaries are available at the following links.

adsb_deku v0.5.0

See CHANGELOG.md for detailed notes on adsb_deku library, radar, and 1090.

The library docs.rs documentation for this release is here

dump1090_rs v0.5.0

See CHANGELOG.md for detailed notes on the dump1090_rs application.




x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu video

armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf image

aarch64-linux-android image


  • Now uses Mercator projection for display the airplanes on the map.

  • Add Mouse and touchscreen controls! This allows moving the map center location, as well as choosing the display mode. See the --touchscreen option for displaying zoom controls for platforms such as the raspberry pi. image

  • Airport data can be downloaded from mborsetti/airportsdata and imported using the --airports and --airports-tz-filter option. The following shows all airports big and small near my data collection site. image The following is an example of zooming out and seeing all New_York and Chicago time zone airports. This looks pretty cool even if it's very not useful :) image And Coverage! image

  • --cities are now named --locations

  • Range and Distance checks are now added, fixing some long standing bugs with mis-decoding lat/lon positions. (!101)

  • Added Help tab with a table of key bindings: (!107)

  • Thanks @Jachdich for fixing a bug in radar with time: (!57)

adsb_deku (library)


  • Now uses the soapysdr library for multi-sdr platforms support through the soapysdr-rs crate. Currently tested are the rtl-sdr and the hackrf support. If you test this on new SDR platforms, merge requests welcome for default gain settings!