v0.4.0 Release Notes - Dec 10, 2021

rsadsb is happy to announce v0.4.0 of our library and tools. This update focused on improving the accuracy of the library, as well as touching up the radar tui and improving performance.

adsb_deku v0.4.0

See CHANGELOG.md for detailed notes on adsb_deku library, radar, and 1090.

dump1090_rs v0.4.0

See CHANGELOG.md for detailed notes on the dump1090 application.






Thank you to @wiseman for helping me develop features.

  • The Tab key can now be used to change the view to the pane.
  • Airplane display was added for a detailed display of all call signs, vertical speed, lat, long, and number of messages.
  • Possible mis-decodes were reduced by reducing the trust of messages with a time gap.
  • Dynamic Lat/Long positions are now possible if you have a gpsd server.
  • Logging was added to ./logs and can be controlled with the RUST_LOG env variable.
  • A grayscale heatmap was added to the Coverage screen, giving the operator more detail on his sky coverage.

adsb_deku (library)

The library itself was pretty stable for this release, just fixing some minor bugs with parsing and improving the documentation.

The documentation for this release is here


  • The library is now styled in such a way that be tested from iq data, this will help prove the applications state in the future.
  • --host and --port were added to control TCP.
  • A good amount of time was given to make sure the application was release ready, this gave us around 9% faster demodulation and decode.