v0.6.0 Release Notes - Aug 19, 2022

Happy US national aviation day!

rsadsb is happy to announce v0.6.0 of our library and tools. We're proud to have over 200 stars on the main repo, thanks for the support! A huge thanks to all.

See quickstart guide for a installation guide.

All code is released under the github/rsadsb account. Release binaries are available at the following links.

adsb_deku v0.6.0

See CHANGELOG.md for detailed notes on adsb_deku libraries, radar, and 1090.

The library docs.rs documentation for this release is here

dump1090_rs v0.6.0

See CHANGELOG.md for detailed notes on the dump1090_rs application.






  • Added optionally showing tail numbers (Callsign) instead of ICAO hex callsign by using --display-callsign or n while in the Map screen.
  • Added Track support, for showing the previous positions of aircraft that are stored in memory.
  • Added Heading support, for showing which direction an airplane is headings by displaying an arrow.
  • Added --retry-tcp, for automatic re-trying to connect to a dump1090 instance without losing data.
  • Added stats page, currently with Max Distance, Most Airplanes, and Total Airplanes Tracked.
  • Added aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu target build in CI for Raspberry Pi 64-bit support.
  • Added key: i to trigger disable of ICAO names above aircraft positions.
  • Release binary is now stripped. ~2.26MB -> ~1.24MB. MSRV is bumped to 1.59.
  • Various bug fixes! Thanks (@andelf) and (@paunstefan).
  • Reduce precision of all f32s to 3. (for longitude, latitude, heading displays). (cue relevant xkcd) picture



  • Added aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu support for Raspberry Pi 64-bit support.
  • Support --custom-config for custom SDR settings using the soapysdr API.
  • Improve performance by 11%, from 3.4ms for a 512KB iq sample to 3.0ms.
  • Pushed new docker images for CI building: hub.docker.com.


  • no_std support added, and many more improvements to the correctness of the message parsing


  • New library, with common code and data structures that are needed for creating your own adsb_deku ecosystem application
  • This library also supports no_std environments


We experimented on running our libraries for no_std environments, such as the microbit v2 and the std32f3discovery. You can find that code here.